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Catalog #: EM 001

Artist: Trio Putanesca

Title: Who Ordered the Fish?

Phillip Greenlief - Tenor Saxophone
Adam Levy - Guitar
Dan Seamans - Bass

SORRY, this disc is out of print!
Catalog #: Em 002

Artist: Phillip Greenlief - Trevor Dunn

Title: Untitled

Phillip Greenlief - Sax
Trevor Dunn - Bass

SORRY, this disc is out of print!

10 improvisations by Greenlief & Dunn
***** - Music Hound Jazz Essential Album Guide


Dimensions of bassist Trevor Dunn arise in a program of improvised duets with Greenlief’s reeds. Literate, to say the least, it has an epigram from Samuel Beckett and titles that refer to Mikhail Bulgakov, Andre Breton and Isadore Ducasse. They’re keys to the kinds of demands this duo makes. A First impression of low key music gradually gives way to a sense of quiet intensity with each successive hearing.

There’s a concentrated linear development with evident constructivist thought on every track, and the sense of parts missing, often a difficulty in listening to duo music, never arises. In fact, the duo’s music is so refined, its integrity so distinctive, that it’s easier to say what it isn't. There’s never a sense of the easy effect, the hot lick, or the obvious source; instead, there is an overriding will to form and to direct address. The result is demanding without ever being aggressive.

Stuart Broomer - Cadence Magazine, February 1997
Catalog #: Em 003

Artist: Ashley Adams Trio

Title: Flowers for Mrs. Dalloway

Ashley Adams - bass
Phillip Greenlief - saxophones, flutes, marimba
Michel Dumonceau - drums

Music after the 1925 novel by Virginia Woolf, adapted by Phillip Greenlief and co-created by the trio.

Using Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway for a foundation of form and characterization, the trio improvises its way through Clarissa Dalloway's "day in the life" in London, using different instruments to bring to life different characters and their manifold epiphanies.
Catalog #: Em 004

Artist: Alex Candelaria

Title: Sidewalk Technicolor

Original Compositions for guitar, bass & drums, featuring Candelaria: guitar, John Evans: bass, and Elliot Humberto Kavee, drums
Catalog #: Em 005

Artist: Trio Putanesca

Title: Live at Yoshi's

Phillip Greenlief - Tenor Saxophone
Adam Levy - Guitar
Dan Seamans - Bass

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Catalog #: Em 006

Artist: Lost Trio

Title: Remembrance of Songs Past

Phillip Greenlief - Saxophones
Dan Seamans-Bass
Tom Hassett-Drums

"Pick of the Month" (December 1996)-All About Jazz Magazine

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Catalog #: Em 007

Artist: Phillip Greenlief & Covered Pages

Title: Russian Notebooks, Volume 1

7 compositions for two guitars and two wind instruments by Phillip Greenlief, based on his experiences of living in Saint Petersburg in the summer of 1998.

Phillip Greenlief & Vinny Golia: massive woodwind onslaught
Nels Cline & GE Stinson: electric guitars

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Review from New Creative Music:

Ah! Professor Greenlief! Always a pleasure to listen to his music...very multi-dimensionally pleasing. Four masters in a very unique format: NC in the left channel, GE in the right, VG and PG mixing it up. Not only is this a fin performance (top-notch!) but the recording quality (Wayne Peet and Myles Boisen) is absolutely exquisite. Moments of imposed structure and long stretches of freedom. Imbued with a dark moodiness made other-worldly by electronics and electric guitars. What a great CD!

Catalog #: Em 008

Artist: Jettison Slinky

Title: Dank Side of the Morn

Recording of 9 compositions by Graham Connah for his new, more electric, 10 piece band, featuring Connah, Trevor Dunn, Smith Dobson Jr, Marty Wehner, Nancy Clarke, Jewlia Eisenberg, Noel Jewkes, Alex Candelaria, Ben Goldberg, Lee Alexander, & Rob Sudduth
Catalog #: Em 009

Artist: Good for Cows

Title: Good for Cows

New Em release by bassist Devin Hoff (Nels Cline Singers) and drummer Ches Smith (Jettison Slinky - Mr Bungle) Features 8 comositions by Hoff & Smith and one Ornette Coleman composition.
Catalog #: Em 010

Artist: Todd Sickafoose

Title: Dogs Outside

8 Original Compositions for quintet by bassist Todd Sickafoose in a CD that was named "best new release of 2000" by the Los Angeles Times. Featuring Sickafoose: bass, Peter Epstein: saxophones, Alan Ferber: trombone, Jusin Morell: guitar, & Mark Ferber: drums
Catalog #: Em 011

Artist: Susan Chen

Title: Harris' Nights

Classic Piano Trio performs standards, featuring Susan Chen: piano, Mark Kennedy: bass, & Tom Hassett, drums

SORRY - this disc is out of print!
Catalog #: Em 012

Artist: Miss Henry

Title: Miss Henry Sings Angel Eyes

A fine collection of standards from Anne Dryg and her group, featuring Alex Candelaria, Michael Blustein, Eric Crystal, Todd Sickafoose & Scott Amendola.
Catalog #: Em 013

Artist: Jettison Slinky - Sour Note Seven

Title: Because of Wayne

This 3 CD package actually has a few titles...CD #1 is by the Sour Note Seven, and is entitled "Because of Wayne" - a live recording by Jeff Cressman at Bruno's. CDs 2 & 3 are by Jettison Slinky and are entitled "The Only Song We Know" - and are studio recordings. All CDs are filled with Connah compositions and represent a large range of music, from electric, post prog rock/jazz to electronics, post Sun-Ra horn lines and lots of improv. The releases feature the usual Sour Note Seven lineup and the usual supects of Jettison Slinky, and are augmented by Scott Amendola, Dan Seamans, Devin Hoff, Steve Adams, Ches Smith, and Paul Hanson.

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In the Soaking Shag
Catalog #: Em 014

Artist: The Lost Trio with special guest Adam Levy

Title: Live at Avalon & The Graves

Double CD set recorded in concert at Avalon (disc 2) & The Morris Graves Museum of Art (disc 1)

The Lost Trio:
Phillip Greenlief - tenor and soprano saxophones
Dan Seamans - bass
Tom Hassett - drums
Special guest:
Adam Levy - guitar

"#1 CD Release of 2000" - San Jose Mercury News
"Top 10 Releases of 2000" - San Francisco Chronicle, East Bay Express

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Nights of Cabiria
Catalog #: Em 015

Artist: J Steinkoler Quartet

Title: The Road Home

Original Compositions for Quartet by drummer Steinkoler.

Jeremy Steinkoler - Drums
Jim Peterson - Alto Saxophone
Scott Foster - Guitar
Devin Hoff - Bass

"A superb new CD....A very swinging drummer who's mastered the art of coordinated independence." (Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express)

"Every track brings a surprise and remains fresh after repeated listens. "Something for everyone" is a promise rarely kept and usually suggests mediocrity. Not so with The Road Home" (Jim Nelson,

At times swinging, funky, or moody and pensive, the quartet navigates a wide range of textures and feels through original compositions and eclectic arrangements.
Catalog #: Em 016

Artist: Lost Trio

Title: Boxcar Samovar

Phillip Greenlief – saxophones
Dan Seamans – bass
Tom Hassett – drums

New studio recording by this award-winning trio, featuring compositions by Carla Bley, Grateful Dead, Phillip Greenlief, Thelonious Monk, Radiohead, Billy Strayhorn


Though every Bay Area jazz fan knows the Lost Trio, we get 'em only about once a year, so consider this 10th-anniversary epiphany an occasion. Bassist Dan Seamans' meditative introduction to Radiohead's muezzinlike "Pyramid Song" eases you into Boxcar Samovar, the trio's new masterwork; his caressing touch, coupled with phrasing that's the aural equivalent of eye contact, announces the group's philosophy. Drummer Tom Hassett flicks like chopsticks on the ride cymbal and rolls almost subliminally on the toms through tunes by Monk, Strayhorn and Carla Bley. And admirers of Mark Turner or Joe Lovano should soak up Philip Greenlief's golden tone, shaded dynamics and backlit line conception, and see if he's not blowing the most tenor of anybody right now, evoking Trane and Shepp while remaining all Greenlief.

-Greg Burk, LA Weekly

Like early Rollins, you can't be sure those outlandishly archaic or unexpected songs will work - but when you listen it all comes off with style and panache. This is great stuff.

-G. Applegate Edwards, Cadence Magazine
Catalog #: Em 017

Artist: Boxes of Water

Title: Boxes of Water

Cory Wright, reeds; Noah Phillips, guitar; Aaron Kohen, bass; Harris Eisenstadt, drums

LA-based quartet works their way through original compositions with energy, passion and intelligence
Catalog #: Em 018

Artist: Bill Horvitz Band

Title: The Disappearance

Bill Horvitz, guitar; Steve Adams, reeds; Joe Sabella, drums

Long-running SF Bay Area trio plays compositions by Horvitz

Catalog #: Em 019

Artist: Reel Change

Title: Open in Total Darkness

David Michalak, lap steel guitar; Adam Hurst, cello; Joe Sabella, samples; Andrew Voigt, woodwinds; Phillip Greenlief, woodwinds; George Cremaschi, double bass; Tom Nunn, homemade instruments

A mysterious and haunting journey into the soundtrack world of veteran filmmaker David Michalak featuring a unique "visual" music by Reel Change

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Catalog #: Em 020

Artist: Michael Gold Quartet

Title: Personal Standards

Michael Gold, saxophone; Paul Mindrup, piano, Matt Montgomery, bass; Sean Nelson, drums

Classic jazz quartet play modern standards by Alan Broadbent, Charles Lloyd, Sam Rivers, and others

Catalog #: Em 021

Artist: Mo’Fone

Title: Surf’s Up!

Larry de la Cruz, saxophone; Jim Peterson, saxophone; Jeremy Steinkoler, drums

"My favorite album of the year by far." (Andy Gilbert, Contra Costa Times)

"One of the hottest bands to surface in a long while." (

"A minimal but mighty romp!" (Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Expresss)

"In a word, Mo'Fone delivers." (Jim Nelson, Mo'Fone plays a wide range of fun and upbeat tunes that are influenced by funk, jazz, and the music of New Orleans.
Catalog #: Em 022

Artist: Gebbia, Goodheart & Powell

Title: Zen Widow

Gianni Gebbia, alto saxophone and flute; Matthew Goodheart, piano and prepared piano; Garth Powell, drums – percussion – musical saw

“Possessed of a natural fire and remarkable sense of intuition, this collection is a singular testament to the virtues of deep listening and the practice of instant composition when in the able care of three master improvising musicians…”

(Brad Winter – Cadence Magazine – Portland Creative Music Guild - 2003)
Catalog #: Em 023

Artist: phillip greenlief solo

Title: Stalking Andrei

Phillip Greenlief, soprano, alto, & tenor saxophones, Bb clarinet

"To say that Philip Greenlief plays saxophone would be a grave understatement. This SF Bay Area veteran is a musical conceptualist who thinks not only about the notes he produces, but about the contexts and ideas that drive those notes to realization. Sure, he can play pretty straight melodic, structured stuff, and there are few who can match him at it. What especially sets him apart, though, is his background in literature, on which he might draw to color his improvisations with a Dostoyevskian or a Joycean cast; he also often composes his own texts to guide the members of his ensembles. Greenlief¹s latest release is the solo excursion Stalking Andrei, so both you and he can be thinking about the vast, still beauties of the Russian filmmaker Tarkovsky while he¹s coasting through space."

- Greg Burke - LA WEEKLY
Catalog #: Em 024

Artist: Shaun Naidoo

Title: Smoke & Mirrors

Shaun Naidoo
Smoke & Mirrors

Summer 2004 Release

Catalog #: Em 025

Artist: Admiral Ted Brinkley (semi-ret.)

Title: Admiral Ted Brinkley (semi-ret.) directs the Verrugoso Vista Junior Junior College Grads of '77

Ted Brinkley's music is gleefully nostalgic, and happily, dare-i-say militantly, devoid of any pretense of conceptual profundity. As Ted himself was heard to remark, after disembarking from the HMS Prince Hairy at Heather-On-The Moor, "I am the musical equivalent of a guy who builds little dioramas out of popsicle sticks". He is also suspected of saying: "In the chain restaurant that is culture, i am merely the sonic manifestation of a newly hired and soon-to-be-fired ever-pubescent busboy."

with: Lou Frankenhauer, a Choir including sonya hunter,ches smith, erik pearson, nancy clarke, john finkbeiner, alex candelaria, dan seamans, elaine difalco, miranda, jewlia eisenberg and beth custer....musicians, sleep cravers, bon-mot droppers and chronically distracted nightmare self-inflicters like sheldon brown, ches smith.... , marty wehner, mark bolin, jarrett rossini, ches smith.... , aarons bennett and novik, tom griesser, devin hoff, cornelius boots, darren johnston, john ingle, ben goldberg, ches smith....

REVIEW: (From - Italy)

A plan wrapped in the mystery: one phantom orchestra from college, disowned musicians, invented instruments, a cover that in reality is along pazzoide and dissacrante article, credits absolutely foolish (cites such Lou Frankenhauer for ordered you of sandwich and the coffees!). Obviously behind this masking job hides a bizzare artist and anti-comformist, accustomed to hide behind pseudonyms or extemporaneous groups. The artist in issue is the tasty Graham Connah, associate name often to the work of Frank Zappa, of which he has been a follower since the first hour. Admiral Ted Brinkley, therefore, is not other that same Connah while it is not given to us to know if it exists really the Verrugoso Junior Junior College (we doubt).

Therefore, us it does not remain that to entrust us to our orecchie in order to speak about this bizzarra publication. The 8 tracks of the disc, produced from the label Evander Music, offers a jazz at times to us pleasant and solar, like in the event of the first trace "Man Overboard, Man", at times ostico and experience them, like in some sections of "Prison-Mall-Casino". The vocals and use of instruments more typically rock (you see the guitar electrical worker in "Tune That Goes Nowhere" or "Wichita Toe Jam") lend the disc in sure moments the Canterburyana production, breaking in some points the predominance of the instruments to breath, whose presence is however preponderant in the 73 minutes of music. Therefore Miles alternate Davis with Frank Zappa and the Hatfield & The North and some time the three improvise jam session an entirety (see the Wichita Toe Jam). There is space also for a short and delicate file, Karaoke From Muskogee where finally Connah remembers himself to be tastier and delight us with a beautiful pianoforte.

The disc is closed with the longer cut, "Hear Theremin Everywhere", a synthesis of all the album that is
opened with a lot of schitarrata rock and continues in pure style jazz for good part of its 13 minuteren.

But at the bottom, as it says in cover notes by editor Nacho Hardman (anagram, indovinate a little who), draft of music of a jazz band from college and “can only this stupid kind be considered a small branch semidisowned on the tree of the history of the jazz”.

We think yes…
Giovanni July 2006
Catalog #: Em 026

Artist: Kaolithic Music

Title: The Dynamite Sessions

Jon Raskin, Bob Bassara: jawharps; Linda Elvira Piedra: percussion

The music on this CD was recorded on April 10, 2004 in a 538 gallon ceramic vase, used in the manufacturing of dynamite. Making use of Clayton Bailey’s extensive field research of the Kaolithic era and Bob Bassara’s study of shamanistic mouth harp traditions, we were able to establish a time-continuum link to the Pre-Credulous Age. The case is situated in the largest find of Kaolithic fossils in the world and the sonic properties of the vase enabled the researchers to tune into the vibrations from that long forgotten age. The unique acoustic environment amplified the vibrations in the fossil field and enabled the research team to translate them into the music on this recording.
Catalog #: Em 027

Artist: Sarah Wilson

Title: Music for an Imaginary Play

Original compositions by trumpeter/vocalist Sarah Wilson featuring her NYC quintet: Peck Allmond (tenor sax), Steve Cardenas (electric guitar), Jerome Harris (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums). Wilson weaves a unique tapestry of sound on this extraordinary CD reflecting years of writing music for puppet theater.
Catalog #: Em 028

Artist: Alex Candelaria

Title: Yeahway!

The Alex Candelaria CD "Yeahway" is his first jazz quartet date as a leader. The music reflects his uniquely lyrical and improvisational take on "jazz composers" standards of the 60's and 70's such as Simone (Frank Foster), Opus 4(Mingus) and Jeannine (Duke Pearson). In addition there are two originals that display both a lyrical focus (Protophasia) and a more intense, freer harmonic exploration (Yeahway). On this release Alex enjoys the tremendous support of Leonard Thompson (piano), Jon Evans (bass) and Bryan Bowman (drums).
Catalog #: Em 029

Artist: Cory Combs Trio, with Dan Willis & John Hollenbeck

Title: Valencia

Valencia features twelve new compositions by San Francisco bassist and composer Cory Combs and five improvisations by the trio. Combs' compositions were written with the other members of the trio in mind while covering many different musical territories. Classic Brazilian bossa novas and choro styles are played with a modern jazz bent, and Bay Area mandolin legend Mike Marshall drops in as guest artist on one of Valencia's choro tracks.

John Hollenbeck’s drumming is world renowned, having performed with a wide variety of artists, from Fred Hersch to Kenny Wheeler. His playing is always inspired and original, full of taste and spontaneity, drawing from a rich background of styles and sounds. His own compositions and ensembles lead the cutting edge of new jazz.

Dan Willis is a bandleader, saxophonist and woodwind doubler in the New York City area. He has played with Michael Brecker’s Quindectet, John Abercrombie, Ben Monder along with many others. He has a forceful, melodic and sensitive approach to any instrument he plays. Capable of a wide range of sounds and styles, his playing always serves the music in surprising and inspiring ways.

"The Cory Combs Trio has created an eclectic album that comes highly recommended for its originality and its fresh appetite for a renewal of Jazz's growth".
- Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine
Catalog #: Em 030

Artist: Ross Hammond - Alex Jenkins Duo

Title: The Ni Project

The Ni Project is a free improvising duet. Guitarist Ross Hammond and tabla player Alex Jenkins fuse free jazz, electronics and trance with North Indian Classical influences. This is their debut album on Evander Music.
Catalog #: Em 031

Artist: Industrial Jazz Group

Title: Industrial Jazz a-Go-Go

Industrial Jazz A Go Go!

It is fair to say that the Industrial Jazz Group plays unpredictable music. Heard along the way are strong hints of rock & roll, blues, Eastern European folk music, dixieland, r&b, dance music, avant-garde ensembles and Stravinsky, and that is only in the opening number "Doo Wha?" Led by pianist Andrew Durkin and consisting of seven horns and a three-piece rhythm section, the Industrial Jazz Group can almost be thought of as an American version of Willem Breuker's Kollektief. Alternating complex written ensembles with jammed sections and overheated solos, their music is avant-garde but never dry or meandering; not with their wacky sense of humor and knowledge of earlier styles.
The band's strong musicianship and ability to instantly switch styles keeps it from merely being a musical comedy act although there are sections on Industrial Jazz A Go Go (available from where it will be difficult not to chuckle. Mixing together satire and reverence for the many musical idioms, the Industrial Jazz Group is both a crack up and a memorable musical experience. This is a band that certainly deserves to be much better known.

- Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene Magazine
Catalog #: EM 032

Artist: Kipple

Title: Flashes of Irrational Happiness

This is the second cd from clarinetist/composer Aaron Novik. For his second outing into the recorded world, Mr. Novik chose to put the clarinet away and focus on writing and conducting a series of hand cued musical sound loops heavily refrencing Steve Reich and Fela Kuti. Hence music rich in harmony and counterpoint and density. The sound is retro future. A myriad of vintage sounds create a cynically dystopic vision of the future, (or of our present as imagined from the 60's or 70's if you follow).
the musicians are Tim Bulkley (Telepathy) on drums, Ches Smith (Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, Trevor Dunn's trio Convulsant) drums and vibraphone, Lisa Mezzacappa (Pyeng Threadgill) bass, John Finkbeiner (Knights of the New Crusade) guitar, Graham Connah (sour note 7) keyboard, Eric Glick Reiman (Fred Frith) theremin and prepared electric piano, Jason Levis (Donovan) marimba, Mitch Marcus (Japonize Elephants) fender Rhodes, Dahveed Behroozi (Fred Hersch protege) keyboards, Moe! Staiano (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) bug (amplified percussion), and Myles Boisen (John Zorn, Splatter Trio) on guitar.
the album is arranged into two suites that flow together from track to track, and is a studio record in every way, from Bitches Brew style edits, to psychedelic effects, and multi track overdubs.
Aaron Novik also plays in the bands Telepathy, Edmund Welles, Karpov, Transmission and Gubbish, and has recorded with Graham Connah, Andy Cabic of Vetiver, Brightblack Morninglight, and Myles Kurosky of Beulah.
Catalog #: Em 033

Artist: phillip greenlief solo

Title: seared circuit incident

This new disc by Evander Music founder Phillip Greenlief features a program of seven solo improvisations for tenor saxophone. Inspired by childhood memories and intrigued by the possibilities of the developing language of the saxophone, Seared Circuit Incident represents a step forward in the evolution of Oakland's indefatigueable saxophonist.

Recorded live in the studio with no overdubs or special effects.

*Pick of the week - WNUR 93.3 FM New York (May 15, 2006)

This is a deeply impressive program of solo tenor saxophone improvisations quite removed from traditional melody and pulse parameters. In several pieces Greenlief reveals concepts I've never heard before, especially on the first two tracks, which are among the most rapturous listening experiences I've had lately. "Crow" is the rousing, delicate whimpers, twitters and joyous cries of an unheard animal (note the title), with indecipherable yet riveting layers of emotional complexity. "Frogs" is wet, crackling textures layered on top of half-articulated long notes, a striking combination which I imagine to come from a microphone placed close to the mouth to foreground a sound territory usually minimized. Greenlief generally sustains a single area of sound production, producing meditative and textural passages brimming with lowercase detail.

With its sense of immersive, patient development and even yearning narrative at times, the music here should escape the common (and in my view invalid) complaint of "technique/vocabulary demonstration" levelled against other musicians working with unconventional/extended techniques. In fact, like recent solo works by Jack Wright and David Gross, I feel deeply engaged and moved by an underlying sense of raw human expression despite the surface of sonic strangeness and the avoidance of anything that could be considered conventionally expressive. Parts of the disc are aesthetic leaps on par with those two saxophonists and others like Michel Doneda, John Butcher, Bhob Rainey, Anthony Braxton, Stephane Rives, and Alessandro Bosetti, while other parts are no less compelling for their conceptual familiarity. While the first half or so of the disc is moderately active and dense, the last two cuts, "Moms" and "Pravda" go deep into a familiar zone of meditative restraint in which improvisational unpredictability and opacity coexist with tranquility and breath-awareness. Highly recommended!

-Michael Anton Parker, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter, NYC
Catalog #: Em 034

Artist: Damon Zick

Title: We Are Large

11 New Jazz compositions by Los Angeles Saxophonist Damon Zick recorded in Los Angeles by Scott Fraser.

Featuring Damon Zick - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Tim Albright - Trombone, Adam Benjamin - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Evan Conway - Bass, Nate Wood - Drums


"Saxist Damon Zick wants you to hang around and listen to his music. He’s not trying to scare you or impress you, just make you feel good. Like many younger musicians, he’s absorbed a wide variety of stuff. Unlike many, he approaches it all with a naturalness and simplicity that unify it – that’s called personality."

- Greg Burk, L.A. Weekly

Damon Zick and Friends play their own unique brand of original jazz emphasizing melody, groove and communication. Damon's compositions provide an eclectic wealth of departure points for some top-notch improvisation. The band originated in 1993 while members were attending the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. While there they had the opportunity to study and perform with such artists as Bob Brookmeyer, Bill Holman, Benny Carter, Eliane Elias, Steve Vai, Benny Golson, Mike Cain, Ralph Alessi and many others. Since then they have gone on to perform concerts and master classes across the United States. Current members have performed and/or recorded with Dave Douglas, Steve Coleman, Ravi Coltrane, Joe LaBarbera, Vinny Golia, Bob Mintzer, Kneebody, the New World Symphony, the Woody Herman Orchestra and many others.
Catalog #: Em 035

Artist: Phillip Greenlief - Joelle Leandre Duo

Title: That Overt Desire of Object

Improvisations by Phillip Greenlief and French bass virtuoso Joelle Leandre, recorded in San Francisco in 2002 at Mobius Sound. In addition to 9 duo improvisations, this disc also contains two cuts of solo performance (one by Greenlief, one by Leandre), recorded at Evander Music Fall 2002 Festival @ 21 Grand - Oakland, CA.

From the liner notes:
Joelle and I talked a lot about the state of the world throughout the fall of 2002. A common underlying theme was greed, and all the malaise it causes. Our conversations continued in the studio. Our principal "theme" comes from my variation on a title from a film by Luis Bunuel. - Phillip Greenlief, Oakland CA.

Phillip Greenlief - Bb clarinet, soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, voice
Joelle Leandre - contrabass, voice
Catalog #: Em 036

Artist: Phillip Greenlief - Andreas Willers Duo

Title: The Tao of Electricity

Nine improvisations on a theme of electric energy by celebrated Berlin guitarist Andreas Willers and SF Bay Area saxophonist Phillip Greenlief.

Phillip Greenlief - soprano, alto & tenor saxophones
Andreas Willers - acoustic & electric guitars
Catalog #: Em 037

Artist: Smith Dobson V

Title: Basement Bloodlines

11 originals blending many different styles, ranging
from Bebop, to Classical/20th Century, Experimental,
Indie Rock, and even a bit of Country Two-Beat.

Devin Hoff, bass; Vijay Anderson, drums; John
Finkbeiner, guitar, recording engineer; Dahveed
Behroozii, piano, Smith Dobson V, vibraphone, organ.
Catalog #: Em 038

Artist: Laurent Medelgi

Title: Diverses

Recipient of a Grant by A.E. Ventures Foundation in the Summer 06, Laurent Medelgi is able to record a full length album of his original compositions which he orchestrates for a Horn section and String Quartet, taking time off from the various Broadway Shows where he sits in as an understudy. The result is "Diverses", an eclectic palette showcasing his talents as a composer and guitarist, which ranges from heartfelt Ballads on Classical Guitar to Fast Swing pieces and Contemporary Groove-oriented songs.
Catalog #: Em 039

Artist: John English, Jim Kerwin, George Marsh, Jon Raskin

Title: Edges

Over the course of several years in the late 80's Jon English, Jim Kerwin, George Marsh and myself regularly met at George's garage in Redwood City to improvise, work on compositions that we brought in and generally had a great time. A true garage band although occasionally we would find a gig to play. This recording came about because of George telling us about a student of his, Garth Powell, who had the most amazing stereo recording setup. Off we went to Sonoma State where Garth was setup and we spent a very happy couple of hours playing being captured by tube microphone's and Garth's tricked out stereo deck. Over the years we would say that this music has to come out and now finally it has. We hope you enjoy it.
Catalog #: Em 040

Artist: United Brassworkers Front

Title: In Between Stories

Led by composer/trumpeter Darren Johnston, the United Brassworkers Front was originally a four brass plus drums ensemble featuring 2 trumpets, trombone, and tuba, plus drum-set, but has grown since its inception in early 2001 to include an acoustic bass, electric guitar, and a second trombone. The sound of a brass choir is like no other, and can sound equally at home performing Bach, Romanian brass band music, New Orleans “second line” marching band music, "new music", be-bop or free jazz. In Between Stories, the ensemble's second CD, is a further celebration of the diversity of both the instrumentation, and the musicians involved, and yet a recognizable, highly unique group sound has emerged. Members include Johnston and Henry Hung on trumpet, Mike Rinta and Adam Theis on trombone, Marc Bolin on bass trombone and tuba, Devin Hoff on bass, Ches Smith on drums, John Finkbeiner on electric guitar. Special guests include Chris Brown on electronics, and John Coppola on trumpet.
Catalog #: Em 041

Artist: Ross Hammond - Alex Jenkins duo

Title: V-Neck

V Neck is a duet featuring Sacramento guitarist Ross Hammond and
drummer Tom Monson.

Hammond and Monson were members of a jazz trio with the late bassist Erik Kleven, who was killed in an auto accident this past July.

Rather than find another bass player, the two of them decided to continue as a duet. Ironicially, their first formal gig as a duet was opening up for guitarist Robin Trower at the Fillmore.

"I got the call the night before the show," says Hammond.
"Apparently they wanted an opening act and without thinking about it I confirmed it. I figured that Tom and I know each other so well that we could find something interesting to play."

Hence the birth of a new project. V Neck's title is a tribute to Kleven's signature T shirts.

The guitar and drum duo's music relies heavily on free jazz
improvisation with elements of polyrhythms and electronic textures to shape its sound. Together they have played with Ken Vandermark and Peter Brotzman, Good for Cows, Nels Cline and Jeff Tweedy, Robin Trower, Medeski, Martin and Wood, and Sonic Youth.
Catalog #: Em 042

Artist: Quartet Doloroso

Title: Any Other Time

Quartet Doloroso is a New York based jazz group featuring Dave Pietro -alto, Morris Acevedo -guitar, Jeremy Stratton -bass, and Anthony Pinciotti -drums.

The band takes its name from a Paul Desmond composition entitled "Curacao Doloroso." He recorded the tune 1963 with Jim Hall on guitar, Eugene Wright on bass and Connie Kay on Drums. This quartet made a number of recordings during the '50's and '60s including an album with strings. It's the sound and esthetic of this classic quartet (which sometimes featured Percy Heath on bass) that inspired the formation of Quartet Doloroso.

Formed in 2004, the band has put together a repertoire of dozens of great tunes and arrangements. The band members are all mainstays on the jazz scene and this project highlights all their talents. Dave Pietro (Toshiko Akiyoshi, Lionel Hampton) and Morris Acevedo (Arnette Cobb, Richie Cole) have warm sounds and compliment each other beautifully. Jeremy Stratton (Lee Konitz, Teddy Charles) and Anthony Pinciotti
(James Moody, Kenny Barron) are swingin'.

On a relaxed afternoon in July 2006 the band went into the
recording studio to capture the mellow vibe of the gig they had just played the night before down the street. And capture it they did. Their new release on Evander Music, "Any Other Time," features originals by Desmond and Hall and a few standards that they recorded together. The infectious melodies and the unique melodic structures inspire cool interplay and improvisation.
Catalog #: Em 043

Artist: Hanna Rifkin

Title: Apples and Oranges

Hanna Rifkin's debut CD, Apples and Oranges, is a collection of jazz standards. Rifkin does not sing in a modern style, but this CD is also not an imitation of the classic style of vocal jazz recordings. It will gives listeners a taste of what she can do to make cynics appreciate a good old- fashioned love song, or even a good old- fashioned song about heartache.
Catalog #: Em 044

Artist: Tin/Bag

Title: And Begin Again

TIN/BAG, the bi-coastal duo of California trumpeter Kris Tiner and New York guitarist Mike Baggetta deals with a music that is spare, ethereal, and highly exploratory, "clearly cut from cloth that hasn't been designed yet..." (–Improvijazzation Nation). Both are among a generation of young creative musicians contributing original new music and pushing a re-examination of the roles and possibilities of their instruments. Tiner and Baggetta have toured the United States presenting their original duo compositions and improvisations, having performed at CBGB's (NYC), The Luggage Store Gallery (San Francisco), Zeitgeist Gallery (Boston), Line Space Line (LA), Bowery Poetry Club (NYC), High Mayhem (Santa Fe) and Café Metropol (LA) among others.

Their debut CD for pfMENTUM, There, Just As You Look For It, was met with enthusiastic reviews and continues to receive international airplay. TIN/BAG’s latest CD And Begin Again, recently released on Evander Music, finds the two reinterpreting the idea of the duo with several new compositions along with two extended works for quartet that feature virtuoso L.A. clarinetist Brian Walsh and rising jazz percussionist Harris Eisenstadt.

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Audio samples for this CD

And Begin Again
Catalog #: Em 046

Artist: Aaron Novik

Title: The Samuel Suite/Dancing Into One

Chamber Music composed for two separate ensembles.
Catalog #: Em 047

Artist: Harry Whitney Trio

Title: Far Yet Near

Far Yet Near is the first album by 18 year-old composer and pianist Harry Whitney. This inspired collaboration with renowed musicians Cory Combs and Matt Aiken led to an original and personal album of jazz improvisation.

Consisting of 7 original compositions by Whitney and 5 trio improvisations, Far Yet Near explores spacious soundscapes which brings the music to life by giving as much breathing room as possible. Compositional playing is the driving concept behind the music. Group interaction is the main way the trio achieves this aim, using each others' musical space to create a vast musical landscape that, at times, sounds like more than a trio.
Catalog #: Em 048

Artist: duo b

Title: these things seem natural to us

duo B. is an ensemble of acoustic bass + percussion that plays ethereal chamber music wrapped in dense improvised soundscapes. Drummer Jason Levis uses gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, bowed cymbals, marimba and drumset to create lush, delicate textures and abstract noise grooves. Bassist Lisa Mezzacappa draws on a palette of sinister drones, punchy vamps and acoustic bass manipulations to weave storylines through gnarly rhythms, pointillistic shapes and ecstatic melodies.
Catalog #: Em 052

Artist: Simulacra

Title: Simulacra

Aaron Novik's metal project features 10 original compositions and a fantastic lineup of players: Jesse Quattro - voice; Cornelius Boots - robot bass clarinet; Matthias Bossi - drums; Aaron Novik - clavinet simulacra
Catalog #: Em 053

Artist: Industrial Jazz Group

Title: Leef

Catalog #: Em 054

Artist: The Lost Trio

Title: Mysterious Toboggan

The Lost Trio's 5th recording on Evander Music features a few original compositions by Phillip Greenlief and Dan Seamans, a rarely played Monk tune, and songs by PJ Harvey, Steve Lacy, Dave Holland and Jimmy Van Heusen. Recorded at SF Waldorf High School in SF by Phil Perkins. Produced by The Lost Trio
Catalog #: Em 055

Artist: Nathan Clevenger Group

Title: The Evening Earth

Featuring 8 original compositions by SF Bay Area guitarist Nathan Clevenger, featuring Mitch Marcus and Kasey Knudsen, saxophones; Aaron Novik, clarinets; Sam Bevan bass; Tim Bulkley, drums; Nathan Clevenger, guitar and compositions
Catalog #: Em 056

Artist: phillip greenlief solo

Title: lines combined

inspired by the works of eva hesse and robert rauschenberg, saxophonist phillip greenlief has created a series of sound improvisations that capture the austere beauty of hesse’s drawings and the willy-nilly improvised charm of rauschenberg’s combine works. this recording was originally conceived as a work of sound installation. the combined pieces (for rauschenberg) use the over-dubbing process and the line pieces (for hesse) are single-pass recordings. all the music on this recording was improvised.