Ashley Adams Trio


Ashley Adams, bass; Phillip Greenlief, woodwinds, marimba; Michel Dumonceau, drums




Bi-coastal duo of California trumpeter Kris Tiner and New York guitarist Mike Baggetta deals with a music that is spare, ethereal, and highly exploratory, "clearly cut from cloth that hasn't been designed yet..." (–Improvijazzation Nation).


Boxes of Water


Cory Wright, reeds; Noah Phillips, guitar; Aaron Kohen, bass; Harris Eisenstadt, drums


Admiral Ted Brinkley (semi-ret.)


Big Band Leader


Admiral Ted Brinkley


Admiral Ted Brinkley (semi-ret.) directs the Verrugoso Vista Junior Junior College Grads of '77


Alex Candelaria


San Francisco based guitarist/composer


Susan Chen Trio


Susan Chen, piano; Mark Kennedy, bass; Tom Hassett, drums


Cory Combs


Cory Combs Trio


Smith Dobson V


Drummer, vibraphonist, composer, bandleader


Industrial Jazz Group


LA-based large ensemble led by composer/pianist Andrew Durkin


Zen Widow


Gianni Gebbia, alto saxophone and flute; Matthew Goodheart, piano and prepared piano; Garth Powell, drums – percussion – musical saw


Michael Gold Quartet


Michael Gold, saxophone; Paul Mindrup, piano, Matt Montgomery, bass; Sean Nelson, drums


Good for Cows


Devin Hoff, bass; Ches Smith, drums.


Phillip Greenlief - Trevor Dunn Duo


Greenlief, saxophones, flute; Dunn, contrabass, prepared contrabass


Phillip Greenlief & Covered Pages


Greenlief & Vinny Golia, woodwinds; Nels Cline & GE Stinson, guitars


Phillip Greenlief


Woodwinds, Composer, Educator


The Ni Project


Improvisations for Guitar & Tabla with overtones of Indian Classical Music


Bill Horvitz Band


Bill Horvitz, guitar; Steve Adams, reeds; Joe Sabella, drums


Jettison Slinky


Graham Connah, Ben Goldberg, Marty Wehner, Rob Sudduth, Jewlia Eisenberg, Nancy Clarke, Lee Alexander, Smith Dobson Jr


Kaolithic Music


Clayton Bailey, Bob Bassara, Linda Elvira Piedra, Jon Raskin


The Lost Trio


Phillip Greenlief, saxophones; Dan Seamans, bass; Tom Hassett, drums


Lisa Mezzacappa


double bassist, improviser, composer


Miss Henry


Miss Henry, voice; Alex Candelaria, guitar; Calder Spaniel, saxophone; Michael Blustein, piano; Leo Boumeister, piano; Todd Sickafoose, bass; Tom Lyne, bass; Scott Amendola, drums; Eric Crystal, tenor sax




Larry de la Cruz, saxophone; Jim Peterson, saxophone; Jeremy Steinkoler, drums


Shaun Naidoo


Composer, Pianist


Aaron Novik


composer, clarinetist, bandleader


Zen Widow


Improvising Trio, featuring Sicilian saxophone virtuoso Gianni Gebbia and SF Bay Area greats Matthew Goodheart & Garth Powell


Reel Change


Plays live soundtracks


Dan Seamans


Bassist and founding member of The Lost Trio, The New Klezmer Trio, and with bassist with Graham Connah's Jettison Slinky, Sonya Hunter, and many others


Todd Sickafoose


Bassist, Bandleader, Composer


Ches Smith


Drums, founding member of Good For Cows


Jeremy Steinkoler


Bandleader: J. Steinkoler Quartet & Mo'Fone


J. Steinkoler Quartet


Jeremy Steinkoler - drums, Jim Peterson - saxophone, Andre Bush - guitar, Sam Bevan - bass


Trio Putanesca


Phillip Greenlief, saxophone; Adam Levy, guitar; Dan Seamans, bass


Harry Whitney Trio




Sarah Wilson


Composer, trumpeter, singer-songwriter


Damon Zick


Woodwinds, Bandleader, Composer